NALA Founders’ Award – Nomination Form

This form must be submitted for all nominees of the NALA Founders’ Award no later than April 1.

Purpose: To recognize extraordinary or outstanding contributions to the growth and future of the paralegal profession, which impacted or affected the paralegal profession in a positive manner for a significant period of time.

Eligibility for Nomination: Individual or organization. Does not have to be a NALA member. (Current NALA board of directors and committee members are not eligible)

  • Who can nominate: NALA Active type member in good standing
  • Deadline to submit nomination: April 1
  • Award benefits: Recognition during Annual Membership Meeting at Conference. Travel expenses paid by NALA – per diem (2 days), 1-night hotel, round-trip coach airfare, and Day 1 registration fee.

Criteria for Selection:
Must have played a significant part in creating, developing and/or promoting an important and distinctive writing or program which positively impacted the paralegal profession nationwide for not less than three (3) years. (Former recipients include past NALA presidents, law firms that have supported the paralegal profession, attorneys that have contributed to the growth of NALA, paralegal educators, and many more.)

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