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In this section, you can find out about what is coming up at NALA. Since many of our upcoming events are featured under Association News, this section is mostly for smaller events and reminders or ones that are further out.


Here is where you can find certification information and resources whether you are a Certified Paralegal (CP®) or not. You may see videos about certification, reminders of CP® Exam testing dates, test prep resources, or important information for CPs.


The second-to-last section is where we feature a different item from the NALA store each month. From t-shirts and textbooks to tote bags and pins, the NALA store is full of goodies.


The final section is where we list the companies that NALA members get exclusive discounts with. This section stays the same unless the companies change. You will sometimes see an ad from one of the companies, showcasing a limited-time promotion.

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