Study Materials

Study Materials

NOTE: The NALA Certifying Board is not involved in the development or delivery of any CP Exam study materials, preparation materials, or products; the developers of those materials and products do not have access to any CP Exam content. The Certifying Board does not require, approve, endorse, or recommend any specific study materials or methods to be used by examinees. The Certifying Board has no involvement with the NALA online study group nor does the Certifying Board provide any information, answers, or responses to questions posed by the online study group. 

While NALA does provide various study materials for the exam, you are not required to purchase any of NALA’s materials in order to take the exam. There are a variety of resources available to examinees by NALA and other authors. 

The Certified Paralegal Examination is a comprehensive assessment based on federal law and procedure. Before planning your preparation for the Certified Paralegal Exam, be sure to review the detailed description of the sections of the Certified Paralegal Examination.


NALA is your source for continuing legal education courses. We offer a variety of courses that cover the topic areas included on the Certified Paralegal Exam:

NALA Conferences

Every year NALA hosts a 3-day educational conference which features leading experts in the legal field and 30+ sessions, including CP Exam Review courses. This conference is a great way to earn CLE, elevate your education, and engage with other law professionals.


NALA’s Certified Paralegal Exam Fundamentals book is here! We also suggest reviewing the content in the books located in our online store as well as any additional books teaching federal law and procedure.

NALA Affiliate Associations

NALA affiliated associations are located throughout the United States. These state and local paralegal organizations are tremendous resources for paralegal activities in a specific region. Affiliated associations in 22 states offer exam review programs.


Another source of review programs for the Certified Paralegal Examination are classes offered through local community colleges. These are particularly helpful if you need to review a specific subject. The Certified Paralegal Exam is a nationwide exam; no state laws or procedures are tested.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NALA is not affiliated with any other study guide app except for the NALA CP App which can only be accessed with the purchase of the CP Practice Exam.