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The structure of NALA permits the affiliation of organizations whose objectives, aims, constitutions, and bylaws are in harmony with the objectives and aims of NALA. Through affiliating with NALA, state and local organizations receive the support and assistance of NALA in advancing the paralegal career within their geographic areas.

NALA Affiliated Associations are provided a voice in the management of NALA through their election of a member of the NALA Board of Directors. NALA Affiliated Associations are also offered a voice in developing policies and positions of NALA, not only through their representative on the NALA Board of Directors but through the annual meeting of NALA Affiliated Associations held during the national conference in July. NALA Affiliated Associations may present resolutions to the NALA membership for consideration during the annual membership meeting. Resolutions are adopted by the voting membership of NALA. Affiliates are represented in this body through their own NALA Liaison and any other members who may also be voting members of NALA.

Welcome to all NALA Affiliated Associations!Meet the 2023-2024 Team

Sharon D. Jones, ACP
Sharon D. Jones, ACP

Affiliated Associations Director

Richard Hahn, ACP
Richard Hahn, ACP

Affiliated Associations Secretary

Mary Carwile
Mary Carwile

Member Services Representative - Partner Relationships

Become a NALA Affiliated Association

  • Waiver of the $50 approval fee for sponsors requesting CLE credit approval
  • Waiver of the $50 approval fee to be listed in the CLE directory
  • Publications that offer assistance with organizational matters such as a leadership manual; guidelines on how to conduct seminars; bylaws and a description of this document. Affiliates are also entitled to receive a free consultation from NALA’s professional staff, representing many years of experience in association management
  • Publications that offer assistance to your members in analyzing and reviewing issues affecting the paralegal profession. This includes Facts & FindingsĀ and the bi-annual NALA National Utilization and Compensation Survey Report
  • Special reports so that your association may inform your members immediately of any urgent or special actions having an immediate effect or requiring an immediate announcement
  • Affiliated Associations Annual Meeting – an opportunity for affiliate association representatives to meet, elect their board representative, and share ideas concerning association governance
  • Members of Affiliated Associations will receive 25% off a NALA Active membership fee

Student associations may also affiliate with NALA. Student associations receive all of the benefits of the affiliation program with the exception of voting privileges.

Materials and communications from NALA are furnished to Affiliated Associations through their presidents and NALA Liaisons. These officers serve as the communications link between NALA and the Affiliated Association.


  • The annual fee to an association for affiliation in NALA is a flat rate of $250
  • The annual affiliation fee for student associations in NALA is a flat rate of $50

NALA AA Instructions, Forms, and Sample Bylaws


  • Members of NALA Affiliated Associations are not required to become members of NALA, except the Affiliated Association’s NALA Liaison. NALA believes membership in a national association is a choice best left to individual paralegals.
  • Affiliation with NALA does not jeopardize the unique programs and philosophies of the Affiliated Association and its members.
  • During the July annual meeting, time is dedicated to an annual meeting of NALA Affiliated Associations, providing an opportunity for members to share their experiences and programs, successes and difficulties. Issues in association management are also discussed. The discussions and presentations have proven to be very helpful.

Affiliated Associations are also provided with an opportunity to set up exhibit tables displaying information on programs and activities offered through their associations.


NALA AA Instructions, Forms, and Sample Bylaws



If your association is interested in becoming a NALA Affiliated Association, please contact NALA at

The NALA Affiliated Associations are listed below. Those with web sites include links to the sites.

New Jersey

Paralegal Association of New Jersey, Inc.

New York

Greater New York Paralegal Association

North Carolina

Metrolina Paralegal Association (Charlotte)

North Carolina Paralegal Association

North Dakota

Red River Valley Paralegal Association

Western Dakota Association of Legal Assistants


Paralegal Association of Northwest Ohio


Central Oklahoma Association of Legal Assistants

Oklahoma Paralegal Association

TCC Student Association of Paraprofessionals & Legal Assistants


Lancaster Area Paralegal Association

South Carolina

Charleston Association of Legal Assistants

South Carolina Upstate Paralegal Association

South Dakota

South Dakota Paralegal Association


Greater Memphis Paralegal Alliance

Smoky Mountain Paralegal Association

Tennessee Paralegal Association


Capital Area Paralegal Association

El Paso Paralegal Association

Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association

Houston Paralegal Association

Northeast Texas Association of Paralegals

San Antonio Paralegal Association

Texas Panhandle Paralegal Association

Tyler Area Association of Legal Professionals

West Texas Paralegal Association


Utah Paralegal Association


Richmond Paralegal Association

Roanoke Valley Paralegal Association

Tidewater Paralegal Association

Virginia Peninsula Paralegal Association

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Association of Legal Assistants

West Virginia

Legal Assistants/Paralegals of Southern West Virginia


Madison Area Paralegal Association


Legal Assistants of Wyoming