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June 2024 Introduction In recognition of Pride Month, NALA’s DEI Committee has prepared some straightforward guidance on how to be a good advocate for your transgender clients. As paralegals, we play a vital role in supporting and advocating for transgender clients. It is essential that we approach our work with sensitivity, ensuring we do not […]

07 Jun 2024
June Volunteer Spotlight – Deana Lively, ACP, CKP, MJA
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NALA Volunteer Spotlight – June 2024 Deana Lively, ACP, CKP, MJA Deana Lively, ACP, CKP, MJA, is a dedicated member of NALA’s Ambassador & Hospitality Team for the 2024 NALA Conference & Expo. Beyond NALA, she is the President of the Louisville Association of Paralegals and the Vice President of the Kentucky Paralegal Association. She […]

If you are reading this, you are likely a legal professional, and that means your work requires written communication. It does not matter if you are composing emails, memoranda, or pleadings. Your words are key to professional effectiveness. Since we are all works in progress, this article suggests three ways to improve your writing and […]

13 May 2024
May Volunteer Spotlight – Melody Johnson, CP
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NALA Volunteer Spotlight – May 2024 Melody Johnson, CP Melody Johnson serves as NALA’s Ethics Chair and on the Professional Development Committee. Her influence extends far beyond her immediate workplace at Anderson Injury Lawyers in Fort Worth, Texas. She also serves as the Professional Development Director and Board Advisor to the Dallas Area Paralegal Association […]

May 2024 From discussing the individuals who have profoundly impacted their careers to sharing invaluable advice for those embarking on their legal and leadership journeys, our interviewees offer a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. Each respondent brings a unique perspective shaped by their cultural heritage, personal experiences, and professional expertise. Through their candid reflections and […]

April 2024 Welcome to our interview with Jeremy M. Evans, where we explore the evolving landscape of NCAA student-athlete compensation through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). At the heart of our DEI efforts lies a commitment to fairness, opportunity, and empowerment for all individuals, including student-athletes. Mr. Evans is an award-winning attorney […]