NALA’s CLE Credit Approval for Professional Advancement of Paralegals and Legal Practitioners

NALA’s CLE Credit Approval for Professional Advancement of Paralegals and Legal Practitioners

New 2024 Rates for NALA CLE Credit Approval

Why Choose NALA Approval?

By securing NALA’s rigorous approval for your continuing legal education (CLE) sessions, your organization underscores a strong dedication to upholding high standards in professional development. This not only elevates the overall quality of your educational programs but also simplifies the attendance process for Certified Paralegals (CP®) and other legal practitioners, making it more likely for them to participate in NALA pre-approved CLE events. This strategic approach enhances the chances of attracting a diverse audience actively seeking CLE credits, showcasing your commitment to accessible and accredited professional development opportunities.

NALA’s approval acts as a validation of relevance, assuring paralegals that the content is tailored to address their specific needs and challenges. Seeking NALA’s approval is also a tangible expression of support for NALA’s mission and goals, highlighting your dedication to maintaining the highest standards of paralegal professionalism. In essence, NALA approval not only benefits attendees by offering valuable CLE credits but also reinforces your event’s alignment with the core values and objectives of the paralegal community.

How NALA Supports Professional Advancement
NALA continuing legal education (CLE) programs support Certified Paralegals in maintaining their CP® credential by providing diverse credit opportunities across a broad range of topics. With a requirement of 50 hours for credential maintenance, NALA’s CLE options offer flexibility, allowing CPs to enhance their skills in areas relevant to their expertise and interests, contributing directly to their ongoing professional advancement.

Cost Structure for NALA CLE Credit Approval
The per credit hour rate applies to the first 10 credit hours within a single event. Additional CLE credit hours beyond 10 credit hours for the same event will be charged 50% of the full rate per credit hour.

  • Free for NALA Affiliated Associations Enjoy the benefit of zero costs for seeking CLE approval.
  • $50 per CLE Credit Hour for 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations ($25 per CLE Credit Hour for each hour over 10 hours in a single event)
  • $100 per CLE Credit Hour for Public and Private Educational Institutions ($50 per CLE Credit Hour for each hour over 10 hours in a single event)
  • $150 per CLE Credit Hour for Private Businesses and Corporations ($75 per CLE Credit Hour for each hour over 10 hours in a single event)

For all approval requests received less than 10 business days before the scheduled session or event, the fee is $150 per credit hour and applies to all types of organizations.

Timely Submission Recommendations and Requirements

  • Requirement: All requests must be submitted 10 business days before the date of the event to ensure a smooth approval process and NALA notification.
  • Recommendation: Consider early submission so that you can promote your event early with the benefit of NALA CLE credit approval. Click here to submit your NALA CLE Credit Approval Request Form today.

Navigating the NALA CLE Credit Approval Process

  • Subject Relevance: Align program content with paralegals’ work, focusing on submitted learning objectives.
  • Inclusive Faculty: Engage diverse presenters for a well-rounded educational experience.
  • ADA Compliance: Adhere to ADA specifications in your presentation methods.
  • Timely Submission: Submit applications at least three weeks before the educational program to start the approval process.
  • Acknowledgment and Approval: NALA will respond within 7-10 business days, indicating approval for substantive, non-substantive, or legal ethics credit.
  • Ensuring Professional Growth: Adhering to the NALA CLE credit approval process contributes to the professional growth and recognition of paralegals.

Approval of CLE Credit
To obtain approval for CLE credit, organizers must submit a request form for each session, underscoring the commitment to maintaining high educational standards. The invoicing process is tied to the organization rate per approved CLE credit hour, ensuring a transparent and fair system aligned with the quality of the educational content provided. It is essential to note that approval is a prerequisite before publishing any promotional materials for the CLE event, emphasizing the importance of adherence to proven standards. Importantly, approval is granted individually, reinforcing the focus on the merit of each session/event and not on the organizational or sponsorship level.

For a CP® seeking credit for seminars not pre-approved by NALA, there is an option available, contingent upon meeting the requirements set forth by the NALA Certifying Board. This option acknowledges the diverse learning opportunities available to Certified Paralegals and underscores NALA’s commitment to flexibility in recognizing valuable educational experiences beyond the pre-approved events, promoting continuous professional development within the paralegal community. To learn more, email

Showcase your CLE session/event on NALA’s website
We are thrilled to introduce a new feature that enables organizations to amplify the visibility of their NALA-approved continuing legal education (CLE) sessions or events. Now, organizations can choose to have their sessions or events highlighted on NALA’s website under the “Education” section, creating a valuable resource for paralegals in search of NALA-approved CLE opportunities. This option, available for a nominal fee of $50 per session or event, can be conveniently selected when submitting your CLE credit approval requests. Notably, with over 1.2 million visits to our website annually, this feature provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your offerings to a broad audience. While NALA Affiliated Associations have long benefited from this feature as a complimentary perk, other organizations can now leverage this exposure for a minimal fee, contributing to the collective knowledge base of the paralegal community.

Submit your NALA CLE Credit Approval Request Form today!