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NALA Volunteer Spotlight – November 2023 Dawnne Linenbrink, ACP Dawnne works as a Corporate Senior Advanced Certified Paralegal. She has ACPs in Contracts Administration, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Discovery, and e-Discovery. She is also a Certified Bankruptcy Assistant. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s in business management. She received the Unsung Heroes Hall of […]

By Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP NALA DEI Chair November 2023 Author Lisa Nagele-Piazza, JD, SHRM-SCP writes in her article, The Importance of Pay Equity, “Employee morale, turnover and retention rates, and performance can all improve when workers have confidence that their employer cares about and ensures pay equity.” But what is pay equity exactly? According […]

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – October 2023 Vicki L. Kasper, ACP Vicki L. Kasper, ACP, is an Integrated Solutions Legal Specialist with Lineage Logistics. She has a BS in paralegal studies from Minnesota State University Moorhead. She has an Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP®) credential in Business Organizations: Incorporated Entities. Prior to her current position as Area […]

By Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP NALA DEI Chair October 2023 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately 61 million adults in the US living with a disability, which is around 26 percent of our country’s adult population. Imagine the experience of those impacted by a disability in the workplace. […]

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – September 2023 Adrienne Berry, ACP Adrienne Berry, ACP, is an E-Litigation Coordinator for the United States Attorneys’ Offices. She is the immediate past president of the Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPi), having completed her second term this year. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and an MBA. In 2018, […]

07 Sep 2023
September DEI: Suicide Prevention Month
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By Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP NALA DEI Chair September 2023 September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and September 10-16, 2023, is National Suicide Prevention Week. In a recent article, author Jenna Greene wrote: “Lawyers are twice as likely as other US adults to contemplate suicide.” This alarming statistic may provoke thoughts about the risk factors […]