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The COVID-19 pandemic demands changes in how all things are managed and performed. It seems as though one can see changes reflected in almost every industry from “normal” to a “new normal.” In response to pandemic demands, drones continue to be in the news. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported nearly 1.6 million commercial and recreational registered drones as of March 2020. ( by_the_numbers/) Paralegals can expect the legal industry […]

10 Jun 2021
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When an individual seeks an attorney, it is often in response to an unanticipated circumstance or crisis – and without insight into how the legal system operates. Paralegals, under the supervision of an attorney, play a significant role in helping clients navigate the legal system. They perform tasks requiring knowledge of the law and legal procedures. By definition a paralegal is […]


Now more than ever, finding a job can be a job of its own. But there are ways to make the journey more enjoyable and fruitful. As you prepare for the job search, follow these tips to strengthen your chances of finding a job you will love. Update your resume: As you think about your training and previous positions, identify […]


What is “RON”? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us had never heard of RON, which is the acronym for “Remote Online Notarization.” If you are an active Notary Public, you may have heard the term but did not pursue it. Who would have envisioned that we would be working from home for months on end? We are faced with the question […]


In this third and final article on legal writing, the focus will be on three very different aspects of effective communication. These three aspects are formatting documents with good design, using active voice rather than passive voice, and avoiding legalese while making a note of “trouble” words. DOCUMENT FORMATTING When creating a legal document, the appearance contributes to […]