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Unlock Your Expertise: Present a Live Webinar with NALA

Are you a legal professional eager to share your expertise and insights with a targeted audience? Look no further! NALA presents an incredible opportunity for you to take center stage and elevate your professional growth and networking. Here is an overview of the exclusive benefits that await you as a NALA live webinar speaker:

    • Platform for Legal Professionals: NALA provides a premier platform for legal experts to impart knowledge to a focused audience.
    • Exposure and Recognition: Showcase your expertise to the vast legal community, establishing yourself as a thought leader.
    • Financially Rewarding: Receive competitive compensation, ranging from $100 to $200, acknowledging the value of your time and expertise.
    • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, expanding your professional network through meaningful engagements.
    • Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange: Collaborate with other legal experts, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest legal trends.
    • Opportunities Beyond the Live Webinars: Forge connections that open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.
    • Proactive Promotion: NALA works diligently to inform legal professionals nationwide about upcoming live webinars through bi-weekly emails to tens of thousands of recipients. Additionally, the monthly newsletter features next month’s live webinars.
    • Establish Yourself as a Leader: By presenting a webinar with NALA, you can make a lasting impact, positioning yourself as a leader and expert in the legal field.
    • Take Your Career to New Heights: Join NALA in elevating your career through exposure, recognition, and valuable connections within the legal community. Seize the opportunity to showcase your expertise and leave a lasting impression.
    • Content Longevity: Our live webinars are recorded, and most are made available as on-demand webinars, which can be accessed by legal professionals across the country, at any time, for an extended period. Even if someone misses the live session, they can still benefit from your insights.

Webinar Statistics: 

    • In 2023, NALA will have presented a minimum of 50 live webinars 
    • In 2022, NALA presented 29 live webinars, averaging more than two each month. 
    • Total 2022 turnout: 778 attendees 
    • 238 on-demand webinars offered, with 1,340 views, in 2022 

Suggested Topics:

Trending, timeless, and emerging topics:

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Technology
    • Bankruptcy
    • Personal Injury
    • Civil Litigation
    • Real Estate
    • Billing
    • Legal Ethics
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Military Law
    • Estate Planning & Probate
    • Torts