Angeline Low
Angeline Low has been in the legal field since 1999 and, to her knowledge, is the first openly autistic paralegal in Florida. She is a first-generation Asian-born American and has matriculated through six graduate programs, three of which are doctoral. With an associate and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and master’s degrees in criminology research methods and design and Asian studies, Angeline is certified as a personal trainer, barre instructor, registered 500-hour yoga teacher, life coach, emotional intelligence coach, social skills coach, confidence and esteem coach, and intuitive creativity coach. She has been promoting mental health awareness and founded Apt Fitness, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, to make mental and physical fitness solutions affordable to all. While her focus is autism and ADHD, she recognizes the need for all to practice self-care and improve quality of life. Since as early as the 1980s, Angeline has been helping people elevate self-confidence, esteem, and efficacy, and then she became certified as a personal trainer in 2017 and life coach in 2022. Her coaching niches include life, health, wellness, fitness, actualization, manifestation, accountability, clarity/life purpose, and stress and anxiety management. As a certified fitness professional, Angeline improves energetic flow by clearing chakras, teaching yoga asanas, breathwork, mindfulness/guided meditation, and making fitness fun for all.