ODW2028 – Your Duty to be Technologically Competent
Explore the ethical obligations and pitfalls that surround the ABA’s Model Rule for Professional Conduct 1.1 with particular attention to comment 8. Here is a deep dive into how and why that comment should be giving you cause for concern.
ODW2025 – Citations and Changes in The Bluebook Series
Explore the importance of incorporating current legal citations or footnotes into your professional documentation. Identify key updates, pages, and tables to highlight and tab in The Bluebook 21st edition.
ODW2210 – Complicated Research Tasks
In this session, we expanded upon the previous introductory session and cover terms connectors, research tips/tricks, locating sample documents and forms, and evaluating foreign resources.
ODW2220 – Preparing the Excerpts of Record for Federal Appeals
This course will provide an overview of designating the record and preparing the Excerpts of Record for federal appeals.
ODW2105 – Executing a Successful Remote Deposition
Taking a remote deposition requires its own workflow and strategies. Learn how paralegals can address these virtual challenges, execute remote depositions, and manage testimony comfortably in this new environment.
ODW2106 – Inclusivity, Intersectionality, and Becoming a Better Ally
Amplify those marginalized voices! Utilize techniques for holding yourself and other accountable, while creating a space where teams can thrive. Learn how to be a leader who supports equality and stands up for the rights of others.
ODW2107 – Become the Most Valuable Paralegal in the Office
This on-demand webinar shares a number of super practical tips, as well as some deeper analysis of legal writing, as we explore the skills and behaviors that will make you a vital part of the team!
ODW2118 – Drafting and Amending Commercial Leases
Examine how the medical, economic, and social aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected landlords and tenants in the commercial real estate market.
ODW2114 – Evolving Technology and Collaboration Platforms in eDiscovery
Explore the changing technology landscape that impacts nearly all facets of the discovery process. The rise of new technologies being leveraged by clients how the discovery process is shifting to meet the clients where they are.
ODW2116 – Advanced Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance Techniques For Paralegals
Join a discussion geared around the Advanced Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance as it pertains to Personal Injury Cases. The webinar addresses Medicare in personal injury cases with attorneys and the paralegals that work for them.
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