ODW2105 – Executing a Successful Remote Deposition

Taking a remote deposition requires its own workflow and strategies. Learn how paralegals can address these virtual challenges, execute remote depositions, and manage testimony comfortably in this new environment.

Course Category: On-Demand Webinars

Course Level: Intermediate

CLE Credit: Substantive

CLE Hours: 1

Fees: $45 for Members and $65 for Non-members

Course Materials: Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides.
Description: The onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its associated health risks forced much of the legal community to conduct depositions, arbitration hearings, and other proceedings remotely. That shift also presented an opportunity to reshape the model for memorializing and managing testimony that has existed for more than a century. The industry has embraced cloud-based technology platforms, allowing cases to move forward efficiently. Yet the technology itself is proving it does not need to be a temporary fix. Using speech-to-text algorithms, practitioners can now access a live rough transcript of the testimony and analyze, tag, and annotate it without delay. They can also capture and edit digital video and audio testimony that synchronizes fully with the associated text within the transcript. No more waiting on the arrival of the certified transcript. Plus, the organization and introduction of exhibits online can be much smoother. These changes help save time and money and offer a strategic advantage. However, taking a remote deposition requires its own workflow and strategies. A nice user interface on a screen is one thing but functioning comfortably in the new environment is another – so is planning for its use. Location selection? Lights, camera, action? Managing a witness from a separate room? Cybersecurity? In this on-demand webinar, Rob Feigenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Prevail Legal, Inc., discusses how paralegals can address these challenges, execute remote depositions, and manage testimony.
Learning Objectives:
•    Understand how the future of depositions is being shaped by COVID-19.
•    Learn how to prepare for a remote deposition.
•    Be able to manage testimony in an online environment.
•    Understand how the latest technology and features can assist with moving cases forward.
•    Learn how to make the case for a remote deposition with your attorneys.
Course Year: 2021


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