Advanced Paralegal Certification and State Specialty Certification

Sponsors: The Certifying Board will award CLE hours to Certified Paralegals upon successful completion of an advanced professional certification program for paralegals. To qualify, the program must be administered by a national organization for paralegals, or a state paralegal organization working alone or together with a state bar association, and which includes completion of a written examination. Product or software certification programs do not qualify under this category; instead, they qualify under the provisions above for in-house training programs, or seminars, workshops, conferences.

CLE hours calculation:  20 hours are awarded for successful completion an Advanced Paralegal Certification course offered by NALA; or successful completion of a state specialty program for paralegals.

Filing requests for hours: Requests for hours for successful completion of an Advanced Paralegal Certification program or state specialty paralegal certification program should include:

  • Certified paralegal contact information
  • Description of certification program
  • Sponsor of certification program
  • Copy of the certificate or other record of the governing body of the certification program confirming the award of certification

Requests should be submitted in writing with the required documentation.