Video Promotion/Presentation

Video Promotion/Presentation

NALA’s On-Demand Education Library and YouTube Channel: Promotional Video Placement

Step into the limelight with NALA’s On-Demand Education Library and YouTube Channel—a dynamic duo designed to give legal service providers unparalleled exposure. Display your brilliance by featuring your product demos or other promotional videos in the On-Demand Education Library, where paralegals and other legal professionals converge to stay ahead of industry trends. Amplify your reach strategically with a presence on NALA’s dedicated YouTube Channel, tapping into the vast potential of the world’s second-largest search engine. All this and more for a budget-friendly $950, ensuring your brand enjoys maximum visibility without breaking the bank.   

Your product demo videos will not be a fleeting moment. They will have a lasting presence on the NALA website, connecting with a vibrant community actively seeking innovative solutions. Craft a compelling narrative, prove your ability, and let NALA’s platform(s) be the catalyst that propels your brand to new heights. Seize this brilliant opportunity and complete the Year-Round Advertising Registration Form to reserve your space. Your journey to digital distinction starts here! If you have additional questions, contact Bill Spilman.

NALA’s Promotional Video Placement: $950

Promotional Video Instructions

  1. Form: Please click on the following link to complete the Year-Round Advertising Registration Form. Choose your option and click submit. Please email Bill Spilman with any questions.
  2. Payment: An invoice will be generated upon approval of the advertising form. A link to the invoice will be emailed for confirmation and payment.  Once you have received your payment confirmation email, please submit your video file to NALA at 
  3. Duration: Craft your captivating product demo video with a maximum duration of 30 minutes. Ensure it is concise, engaging, and effectively displays your legal services and products. 
  4. File Format: Your video should be saved in MP4 format for optimal compatibility across platforms. The file name should include the name of your company, the date submitted, and the name of the video.  
  5. Resolution: Maintain a resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD) to ensure clarity and visual appeal.  
  6. Sharing: Use a file-sharing platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive to upload your video file and email link and send it to Be sure to include your company name and the title of your video in the email subject for easy identification. Include the primary contact person for this promotion and your contact information in the body of your email.  
  7. Availability: Your video will enjoy the spotlight for 12 months on NALA’s On-Demand Education Library and YouTube Channel, making every second count.  
  8. Please be aware that NALA will add the following disclaimer to all paid video promotions:Disclaimer: The content and views expressed in this video are solely those of the presenting organization. NALA – The Paralegal Association does not endorse or verify the accuracy of the information provided. This video in NALA’s On-Demand Education Library and YouTube Channel is for promotional purposes only. Viewers are encouraged to independently assess and validate any claims made within the video. NALA denies any liability for the content presented, and any legal or financial decisions made based on the information in this video are the sole responsibility of the viewer. 

Leverage this opportunity to connect with the legal community and elevate your brand. Your video will keep a 12-month presence from the date of launch on NALA’s platforms. 

Make your payment, submit your video, and get ready to shine. We cannot wait to display your brilliance on NALA’s stage!