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ODW23RE – 2023 Real Estate Bundle
This six-part real estate series covers all the basics of how the law applies to real estate.
ODW2305 – Love in Law: Ethics and Other Concerns
This course discusses the ethics and law at play when a legal professional has a friendly, familial, romantic, or sexual relationship with a client, co-worker, subordinate, supervisor, judge, or opposing counsel.
ODW2301 – Ethics and Professionalism for Paralegals
This webinar will review the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and other rules and guidelines related to paralegal and legal assistant ethics.
ODW2302 – 2023 Technology Rollouts
This On-Demand webinar takes a look into what is new and cool in tech for 2023, which software updates occurred during the year, and estimated roll out dates for future technology implementations.
ODW2306 – Your Personal Brand
For those who wish to expand their knowledge base, take the next step in their career, or prepare to take on a new role, building their personal brand can make the difference when trying to stand out in the crowd.
ODW2308 – Paralegal Practice Tips for Commercial Real Estate Transactions
In this course students investigate the transactional paralegal’s role by examining a sample real estate transaction from the initial execution of the purchase agreement, through to post-closing tasks.
ODW2311 – Patent Law: A Primer for the Legal Professional
This presentation will serve as an examination and review of the development, application, and enforceability of patents in our current legal system.
ODW2313 – Real Estate Part 3 – Liens, Leases, and Easements – “Others’ Rights”
Part 3 of the 6 part series reviews and discusses problems with releases, satisfactions, and other ways to terminate these interests others might have in your property and the problems that can arise.
ODW2314 – Real Estate Part 4 – Legal Descriptions and Surveys – “Not Who But What?”
Review boundary disputes, legal description mistakes, and survey problems. Legal description complications are among the most litigated real estate issues.
ODW2316 – Real Estate Part 5 – Title Insurance – Coverage and Claims
In this On-Demand webinar we review examples of title insurance claims that are based on confusion.