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ODW2001 – USP Protecting Healthcare Workers Handling Hazardous Drugs
This presentation focuses on new Standards of Practice for an old problem that has the potential for catastrophic harmful health effects from occupational exposure and the legal implications.
ODW2002 – Using Certified Interpreters
In this on-demand webinar, the following is discussed; interpreter’s role in a legal proceeding, three types of court interpreting and the description of each, interpreter’s code of ethics, the lack of certification for each language , and more.
ODW2003 – Addressing the Causes of Wrongful Convictions
This presentation covers the main factors that lead to a wrongful conviction, including studies that support these conclusions.
ODW20CREC – 2020 Conference Recording Bundle
On-Demand access of all of the conference recordings for 1 year.
ODW2004 – Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tech Tips for the Office and Courtroom
From organizing your email inbox to presenting exhibits at trial, participants learn what tips, tricks, software, and hardware will simplify their work life. This will allow them to focus their time and attention to what really matters - their client
ODW2005 – Legal Project Management 101
This presentation is designed for paralegals, attorneys, or legal professionals to gain a general level of Legal Project Management.
ODW2006 – Building & Sustaining Dynamic Legal Teams for Success
This presentation explores different components of building and sustaining a dynamic legal team for success.
ODW2007 – 2020 Employment Law Potpourri
This seminar presents the most significant developments in employment laws that are challenging to legal teams and their clients.
ODW2008 – Trial Prep Tools
This on-demand webinar provides essential tools to properly prepare for an upcoming trial.
ODW2009 – International Corporate Law
The Basics of International corporate law teaches you the differences between Common Law jurisdictions and Civil law, and the jurisdictions which are Common or Civil law.
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