Exam Information

Once your Certified Paralegal application has been approved you are one step closer to becoming a NALA CP! Please take a moment to review the information listed below before you take the exam.


  • Three (3) hours testing time.
  • Candidate MUST first pass the Knowledge exam before proceeding to the Skills exam.
  • Once applications for the Certified Paralegal examination have been approved, candidates will have 365 days from the approval date to sit for the Knowledge Exam.  If the candidate does not take the Knowledge Exam within 365 days of the initial approval date, the application will be voided and a new application and nonrefundable fee will be required.
  • Candidates MUST wait 90 days before re-taking the Knowledge Exam.
  • Candidate MUST pass the Knowledge Exam within the first three attempts and are barred from taking the exam again for 365 days if they do not pass within the first 3 attempts.


  • Two (2) hours testing time.
  • Candidates who pass the Knowledge Exam are then eligible to take the Skills Exam and MUST complete the Skills Exam within the next 365 days after receiving notice of eligibility from NALA.
  • Candidates MUST wait at least 2 weeks after passing the Knowledge Exam before receiving eligibility to take the Skills Exam.
  • Candidates MUST wait 90 days, or for the next available testing window, before re-taking the Skills Exam. 
  • Candidates who fail to pass the Skills Exam within the first 3 attempts within 365 days must start over by re-taking the Knowledge Exam.

Exam Fees

  • First-time candidates
    • Nonrefundable examination fee of $250 for NALA members, $275 for nonmembers.
  • Retake candidates
    • Nonrefundable attempt fee of $60 per subsequent attempt for the Knowledge Exam.
    • Nonrefundable attempt fee of $60 per subsequent attempt for the Skills Exam.
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