February Volunteer Spotlight – Jeanne Elliott, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – February 2024
Jeanne Elliott, ACP

Jeanne Elliott, ACP, is the Director of Culture and Compliance for Christy Industrial Holdings in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to her position as At Large Director on NALA’s Board of Directors, Jeanne served on NALA’s Continuing Education Council as a member and later as Chair. She chose to volunteer for NALA after meeting NALA leaders at conference and talking with former NALA President, Jill I. Francisco, ACP.

“I really loved the example from the NALA leaders I met at conference,” Jeanne said. “We had Jill Francisco visit St. Louis when I was president of a local association, and I spent some time with her. Jill can pump anybody up. I had wrapped up my time on the local board and was interested in moving toward work at the national level.”

When it came to deciding how to serve NALA, it was an easy choice for Jeanne.

“I love education. I am passionate about people improving and growing, so the Continuing Education Council (CEC) was a good fit.”

After serving on the CEC for several years, Jeanne took a break to focus on an unrelated state association. However, she found that she missed it and wanted to put her time and energy into NALA. In her position as At Large Director, Jeanne has participated in Board Meetings, the CP® Champion Award Committee, and a NALA Board task force for developing issues.

“I hope to help NALA move toward the next big step.”

Jeanne has two Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP®) credentials from NALA. One is in Contract Management and the other one is in Business Organizations – Incorporated Entities.

She wanted to get certified with NALA because she recognized the Certified Paralegal (CP®) credential as a premier certification. Her passion for learning led her to get her ACPs, and she is waiting for another ACP to come out that she wants to work toward.

“Networking and professional growth are critical in this field. You need to join your local association and NALA.”

Jeanne’s favorite part about being a NALA member is the networking. She is able to get professional help from people she knows through NALA and has made many friends. Volunteering with NALA has allowed her to move into a leadership position at her job. Her advice to other NALA members is to get involved and find something you care about.

In her free time, Jeanne enjoys traveling to see her kids and grandkids. She has two German shepherds, Titan and Atlas. She also likes doing things for the first time. The last thing she did for the first time was attend a Grandparents’ Day event in Dallas for her granddaughter in kindergarten.

When it comes to volunteer work, Jeanne’s role model is Lori Hanlon, CP, a former president of the St. Louis Paralegal Association.

“She has the ability to listen, hear everyone’s opinions, and to care about them.”

Jeanne’s karate instructor is another role model. He taught her the philosophy of “always improve your position.” She says that adopting that philosophy “takes the impossible and breaks it down into little steps that are easy to accomplish.”

Jeanne is excited to continue serving NALA as an At Large Director.