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03 May 2022
Abuse of Special Needs Children
Category: Facts & Findings

Children with disabilities are nearly four times more likely to be physically abused or neglected and more than three times more likely to be sexually abused when compared to children without disabilities. [1] The odds of abuse are increased when an individual with special needs is placed in a group home or other communal environment. […]

NALA is excited to announce the keynote speaker for the 2022 NALA Conference & Expo in Phoenix, AZ! Join Commissioner Melissa Zabor as she shares the successes of Maricopa County’s Therapeutic Courts and the transformations that participants experience through the program. Melissa Zabor has been a Commissioner with the Maricopa County Superior Court since 2017. […]

National Deaf History Month: Deaf Awareness in the Legal Community Written by Sarah Duggan, CP, and Samantha Burns April 2022 April is National Deaf History Month, a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of inclusivity and equal accessibility for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or experiencing hearing loss within our local communities. In […]

07 Mar 2022
Irish Eyes are Smiling in America
Category: DEI

Irish Eyes are Smiling in America Written by Adrienne D. Berry, CP March 2022 March is Irish American Heritage Month. Irish American Heritage Month was first recognized by Congress in 1991. Like other heritage months, it was established to celebrate and honor Irish Americans and their contributions to America’s culture. It was recognized in March […]

15 Feb 2022
February DEI: Black History Month
Category: DEI

Black History Month Written by Yolanda A. Garcia, CP, PLS, TBLS-BCP February DEI Every February people across the United States celebrate Black History Month. It is a special time to reflect on more than 400 years of African American heritage and how it has shaped both the country and the world. While many people are […]

14 Feb 2022
February Volunteer Spotlight
Category: NALA News

February 2022 Volunteer Spotlight Yolanda Garcia, CP When NALA’s President needed someone to be the inaugural chair of the association’s first-ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Yolanda Garcia, CP, PLS, TBLS-BCP, answered the call. “When I hung up the phone, I thought to myself ‘What have I done?!!’”, she says. “Although it was quite scary […]