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April Volunteer Spotlight

NALA Volunteer Spotlight
Airolyn Loggins, ACP
April 2021

Airolyn Loggins, ACP, does not shy away from an educational challenge. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies from the University of Memphis, she earned two master’s degrees from Webster University – the first in Human Resources Management and the second in Leadership and Management. Not only did she obtain her Certified Paralegal credential in 2008, but she also went on to earn Advanced Certified Paralegal certifications in Discovery and Contracts Administration/Contracts Management.

Ms. Loggins has served as Past President, Vice President of Education, and Treasurer for the Greater Memphis Paralegal Alliance, Inc. (GMPA). She served as the NALA Ethics Chair from 2019-2020 and is a current member of the NALA Professional Development Committee (PDC). She shares her talents in the legal field as the Contract Manager for Hilton hotels.

“I am passionate about the paralegal profession, education, and networking. I developed and served on the Hilton Lunch and Learn and Pro-Bono committees,” she said. “I love the relationships that can be built with business partners and clients. The daily challenges that come with the ins and outs of the franchise world keeps me on my toes.”

As her impressive resume suggests, Ms. Loggins is happy to share professional advice with fellow and upcoming paralegals.

“I have a few nuggets that have helped me on my journey,” she said. “Find a mentor. Establish relationships within your paralegal community. Don’t be afraid to try a different area of law. Attend any training and certifications that you can.”

When she is not busy advancing her knowledge of the paralegal field, Ms. Loggins enjoys cooking, dancing, completing crossword puzzles, and reading – especially high fantasy, supernatural, and science fiction genres. Her true passion, however, is reserved for Star Wars, as her collection will attest to.

The global pandemic not only gave her a chance to enjoy a few hobbies, but she even uncovered a hidden talent.

“Being quarantined has allowed me to start on some home improvement projects,” she said. “I have discovered that I am quite handy with a drill, paint brush, and tape measure.”

When asked who she would like to meet – in the past or present – she replied, “I would have loved to have met Neil Armstrong. To be able to step onto another heavenly body and view your home is fascinating to me. To be in that moment must have been awe inspiring.”