September Volunteer Spotlight – Sonya Graves, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – September 2022
Sonya Graves, ACP

Sonya Graves, ACP, has been active in her local paralegal association, The Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPi), for more than 20 years. “I love the Paralegal Profession and want to continue to encourage others to get certified and make their job a career that they will love,” she says. She volunteered with AAPi for several years, finally serving three years as President and two years as Past-President’s Chair.  

Now she is taking her volunteering to the national stage. “I have wanted to volunteer with NALA for a long time. However, due to my work with the Alabama Association of Paralegals Inc., I did not feel that I could devote enough time to both. I was honored when NALA President Debbie Overstreet asked me to serve on [the Continuing Education Council].” 

Sonya holds an Advanced Certified Paralegal distinction in Discovery and Trial Practice. She has also completed NALA’s former leadership program, LEAP. She won the Paralegal of the Year Award from AAPi in 2014 and the NALA Affiliated Associations Outstanding Contribution Award in 2015.

“My favorite aspect of being a paralegal is getting to know our clients and feeling like we make a difference in their lives,” Sonya says. “I am very fortunate to work for attorneys who consider me part of the team.” Her advice for anyone considering the paralegal field is “NEVER stop learning. No matter how long you work as a paralegal there is always more to learn. Take every opportunity and continue to grow in your career.” 

Sonya is married to her best friend, Grady. “We have three children plus their spouses for a total of 6 children and three amazing grandchildren – with number four due in April 2023. As empty nesters – we also have our furbabies, Sassy Mae (German Shephard) and Harley (Yorkie).” 

In her spare time, Sonya loves to read and spend time with her grandbabies. She does not have a lot of time for hobbies at the moment, as she and her husband are in the process of building a new home.