Recertification Price Increase

As a NALA Certified Paralegal (CP), you are a part of an elite community that is committed to excellence in the paralegal field. You have opportunities for an increased salary, better jobs, and more professional respect and recognition. Those are just some of the benefits you enjoy as a NALA CP. 

Every five years, you are required to recertify to remain a CP. Part of this process is paying a recertification fee. After careful consideration, NALA’s Certifying Board has decided to add a separate fee for non-members, which will be slightly more than what NALA members pay. Effective January 1, 2024, the prices for recertification are: 

  • Member: $125 
  • Non-member: $175 

This price will help NALA maintain our NCCA accreditation so that your certification will allow you to remain competitive in today’s market. It is important to note that the fee has not increased in a decade and the increase is only for non-members. 

If you are a NALA member, the price you pay to recertify will not change at this time. However, if you are no longer a member when it is time for you to recertify, you will have to pay the higher price.

Remember, a $25 late fee and an Appeal Form are required if NALA does not receive your Recertification Affidavit by your certification expiration date. You can review the reminders on our website by clicking here. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the price change, feel free to contact us at