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W2304 – Excel Your Career. Excel Tips and Tricks for Paralegals

February 1, 2023

Join us for an interactive webinar discussing how to use Excel to save time and wow your colleagues and clients.
W2303 – Various Corporate Structures and Items to Consider

February 8, 2023

This webinar will discuss various corporate structure questions such as best practices, use of corporate entities, and what information can be received by contacting the Secretary of State's office!
W2320 – Legal Considerations for Chat GPT Used in Law Firms

February 22, 2023

This webinar focuses on how ChatGPT can be used and the ethical considerations for legal professionals.
W2311 – Patent Law: A Primer for the The Legal Professional

March 1, 2023

This presentation will serve as an examination and review of the development, application, and enforceability of patents in our current legal system.
W2305 – Love in Law: Ethics and Other Concerns

March 2, 2023

This course discusses the ethics and law at play when a legal professional has a frienship, familial, romantic, or sexual relationship with a client, coworker, subordinate or supervisor, opposing counsel and judge.
W2301 – Ethics and Professionalism for Paralegals

April 5, 2023

Ethics and Paralegals go hand in hand. Come join us as we learn about NALA's Code of Ethics and how to work ethically in the areas of unauthorized practice of law, client confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, and responsible social media usage.
W2302 – 2023 Technology Rollouts

May 17, 2023

A look into what is new and cool in tech for 2023. What software and software updates occurred as well as estimated roll-out dates for some newer implementations.