NALA Affiliate Award – Nomination
23 Jun 2021

Purpose: To recognize members or committees of Affiliated Associations for their contribution to the goals and programs of their NALA Affiliated Association.

Eligibility for Nomination: A member of an Affiliated Association in good standing (current NALA Board and committee members are eligible).

  • Who can nominate: NALA Affiliated Association in good standing may designate one recipient each year
  • Deadline to submit nomination: May 1, 2022
  • Award benefits: Recognition during Affiliated Association Annual Meeting at Conference.

Judging Criteria:  
Determined by Affiliated Association but examples for guidance include:

  1. Assist with and organize CP study groups
  2. Work with bar associations on behalf of the paralegals in the area
  3. Plan educational programs
  4. Develop a pro bono or other community involvement program for the affiliate