March Volunteer Spotlight – Angela Oberle, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – March 2023
Angela Oberle, ACP

Angela Oberle, ACP, is a paralegal at Watkins Calcara in Great Bend, Kansas. She received her bachelor’s in business administration in 2006 and her Certified Paralegal (CP) credential in 2012. She has advanced certifications in Workers Compensation and Business Organizations: Incorporated Entities, and she is working on one in Real Estate Principles.

Angela is currently in her second term as the Area 2 Director for NALA. 

“The Board of Directors guides the future of NALA. We make decisions on growing the organization.”  

Angela joined the NALA Board of Directors because her nearest local association was over two hours away. 

“I am an advocate for people who really do not have a local association, and I would like to encourage people to get involved locally or nationally.” 

Before becoming the Area 2 Director, Angela served for a term on NALA’s Continuing Education Council (CEC). She was encouraged to volunteer by former NALA presidents and board members. She enjoys meeting like-minded people.  

“Certified Paralegals are few and far between in my area. When I can get with other people who are certified and have a veracity for everything paralegal, they energize me. I want to be that person for someone else.” 

Angela’s favorite part of being a paralegal is that every day is different.  

“I can tell you from 30 years of being a paralegal that a week does not go by that I do not learn something new.” 

She wrote several Facts & Findings articles when she was on the CEC. One thing she wrote about was juvenile intake and assessment. It was something she did part-time when her son was young, and she still has a passion for it. 

Angela has learned a lot in her three decades as a paralegal. She has seen paralegals who think they made the wrong choice, and she has some advice for them. 

“Do not give up. If it is not the right fit, keep looking. There is a job out there that is perfect for you.” 

As an Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP), Angela has taken the CP Exam. She has been where many paralegals are today. She believes that it is worthwhile to get certified with NALA. 

“It is a very rigorous test, and it is an accomplishment. There are a lot of law firms and organizations that hire paralegals that recognize that was a big accomplishment. They really want you to come work for them.” 

When she is not working, Angela loves to read. Her favorite author is Nora Roberts. If she could meet anyone, it would be the Marvel and Mayor of Kingstown actor. 

“I would love to meet Jeremy Renner. He has been through such a horrific accident. I am a former EMT, and as I am running through stories of the accident, my brain is going through the assessment and steps needed to get him transported to the ER without further injury. He has such a zest for life and was quick to let his fans know how he was doing by letting them see videos of him in the hospital. He was in rough shape, but he was proving he was alive.”

Angela enjoys spending time with her family. She has been married for nearly 34 years. She and her husband have a son and a 6-year-old grandson. They like to go camping and fishing.