March Volunteer Spotlight – Richard Hahn, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – March 2022
Richard Hahn, ACP

When Richard Hahn, ACP, was growing up, he was a big fan of the TV show Perry Mason. The legal drama about a mastermind defense attorney sparked young Rich’s interest in working with the law. He eventually went on to get his bachelor’s degree in political science from California Lutheran University and his paralegal certificate from DeAnza College in Cupertino, CA.

His favorite aspects of paralegal work are the variety it brings and the connections he has made. “I love the network it’s given me,” he says. “NALA has definitely helped with that.” Rich first got involved with NALA through the Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County (PASCCO). He began volunteering with NALA in 2016 when he served on the Ethics Committee. He held a seat on the Continuing Education Council from 2017-2018 and currently serves as an At Large Director on NALA’s Board of Directors. “I wanted to get more involved in the organization, and I thought I had some good ideas to bring forth,” he says. “I also didn’t see a lot of men getting involved, so I wanted to be an example.”
After living in California for several years, Rich moved across the country to live near family in Maryland. He currently lives in Leesburg, VA, and is a member of the Richmond Paralegal Association. Rich counts being on the NALA Board as one of his greatest professional accomplishments. He has also published articles in NALA’s quarterly magazine, Facts & Findings.

If Rich could give any advice to up-and-coming paralegals, it would be “Don’t be afraid of change.” He says to “look at change as an opportunity.” He also recommends they get their Certified Paralegal (CP) credential. He advises paralegals looking for a job to not be afraid of contract work. “That’s how I got the experience to get the job at Yahoo! that I had for 13 years,” he says.

In his free time, Rich enjoys running marathons and half-marathons. His favorite books are mystery novels, especially those by John Grisham and James Patterson. His favorite TV show is another classic legal drama, the original Law & Order. He is also a fan of classic movies like Chariots of Fire and Casablanca.