January Volunteer Spotlight – Richard Hahn, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – January 2024
Richard Hahn, ACP

Rich Hahn, ACP, is NALA’s Affiliated Associations Secretary. He does contract work for FSA Federal. He is currently working with the ATF to process Freedom of Information Act requests. Rich has a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is also a graduate of NALA’s LEAP leadership development program. He was selected to participate in the inaugural class of NALA’s new leadership program, LEAD.

Prior to his position as Affiliated Associations Secretary, Rich served as At Large Director on the Board of Directors from 2019-2023. He was also on the Ethics Committee from 2016-2017 and the Continuing Education Council from 2017-2018.

“I had volunteered with local associations and decided I wanted to give my time to NALA. I noticed there weren’t a lot of men serving with NALA, so I wanted to inspire men who are NALA members to volunteer at the national level.”

When his term as At Large Director was coming to an end, Rich talked with his colleagues, and one of them mentioned that he should do something with the Affiliated Associations. Rich had been a NALA Liaison for multiple local associations, which gave him exposure to the Affiliated Associations. He also wanted to bring his experience from being on the NALA Board to his new position.

“After long contemplation, I decided to seek nomination and run for Affiliated Associations Secretary.”

He would like to see some stronger associations mentoring ones that need help. At conference, he heard people talking about wanting to start associations by practice group.

Rich’s favorite part about volunteering for NALA is the people. He enjoys the work they do and how they work together as a team.

Rich became a NALA Certified Paralegal (CP®) in 2014. He has since earned three Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP®) credentials in Trademarks, Discovery, and Criminal Litigation. He credits several promotions to his NALA certifications.

Rich enjoys the people and networking, but the thing he loves most about being a NALA member is the educational opportunities.

“I’m a CLE addict.”

Richard is a trailblazer as one of the few men who has ever volunteered with NALA. He wants to encourage other men to get involved.

“Take advantage of everything NALA offers. Get your CP®. Volunteer and get involved in helping build NALA. There are skills you can take back to your local associations to help them grow. Don’t be afraid to get involved. You will probably be put on a committee or task force with NALA, which will help you gain experience. Go for it!”

When he’s not working, Rich enjoys reading mystery novels and watching sports. He is a native Californian who recently moved to Virginia to be closer to family. His philosophy is that the only stupid question is an unasked question.

Rich wants NALA and Affiliated Association members to know that he is available if they need to talk. A great opportunity to talk with him is at the Affiliated Association Town Hall meetings. He will bring any concerns to the Affiliated Associations Director, Sharon Jones, ACP, and the rest of the NALA Affiliates Team.