January Volunteer Spotlight – Cathy Davis, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – January 2023
Cathy Davis, ACP

Cathy Davis, ACP is the Chair for Criminal Justice and Legal Studies at Faulkner University. She has a master’s from Faulkner in justice administration and a master’s from George Washington University in paralegal studies. She also has her Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) in Civil Litigation. Cathy has received the Affiliated Association Outstanding Contribution Award and the NALA President’s Award. She was formerly the Ethics Chair and is now in her last term on the Certifying Board.

She enjoys the fellowship and camaraderie on the Board and writing the questions for the Certified Paralegal Exam. “I think it’s important for us to give back and try to mold the certifying exam to make it the best that it can be because it is an important credential for students to get,” Cathy said.

She is a member of the Alabama Paralegal Association (APA) and the NALA Liaison. The APA is very close-knit, and Cathy has many best friends there.

Cathy’s favorite aspect of paralegal work may seem weird to some. “I love going to trial and picking a jury.” She also loves that every day isn’t the same.

About 20 years ago, Cathy decided to get her associate’s degree in legal studies. She got to know the program director at Faulkner and started working part-time at night tutoring students. When the program director was moving up in rank, she asked Cathy if she was interested in being the legal studies director. She went to Faulkner and did the directorship for a while before moving up into the chair position.

“I enjoy seeing the adult students who have a dream to do something better,” Cathy said.

Cathy has an article in Facts & Findings January 2023 Career 101 about teaching. She also wrote an article about internships for paralegals. The first attorney Cathy worked for gave her some wonderful advice. “Try to do things that are a little bit out of your comfort zone if that’s something that you think is going to make your job more fulfilling.”

She tells her students, “This is a job that you can build around what you enjoy doing.” Her advice to paralegals is to never be afraid to step out on a limb. “If you think you want to do something, go talk to your attorney, and see if there’s a way you can learn this new task. Never be afraid to ask to take on additional responsibilities to make the job what you think you want it to be.”

Cathy has three dogs and three cats. She lives on her family farm, where she helps her mother. She enjoys making greeting cards, cooking, and reading. Her favorite book is Where the Crawdads Sing. Her favorite TV show is Fire Country.

Cathy has a nephew with Down syndrome, and she loves spending time with him. “He’s my joy. I go to camp with him once a year.” If she could meet anyone, she would choose Helen Keller. “She overcame so much and transformed the way the world sees disabilities and boundaries.”