Highlighted Charities

Highlighted Charities for the 2022 NALA Conference & Expo

Each year, as part of the NALA Conference & Expo, NALA highlights a local charity that is in proximity to the location of the in-person conference. The charity is featured throughout the conference and attendees are encouraged to make donations in support of the charity.  For the 2022 charity, NALA chose to focus on ones that are serving those who have been impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Who We Are: The Arizona Ukrainian American Community consists of individuals, businesses, and organizations with the objective of maintaining and enhancing Ukrainian culture. Represented at the 2022 NALA Conference & Expo is Cactus and Tryzub and St. Mary’s Protectress Orthodox Church.

What We Do: Since the expanded invasion of February 24th, both represented organizations have engaged in various initiatives to shine a spotlight on and raise money for Ukraine. Both organizations are exclusively volunteer led which maximizes the funds donated to Ukrainian causes. Money raised to date has been donated to vetted humanitarian organizations in Ukraine and to ship tons of medical supplies and other humanitarian aid donated by the local community.

Why We Need Your Help: Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed, complete cities destroyed, and millions of Ukrainians displaced since February 24th. The world has not seen such barbarism since the atrocities of Nazi Germany during World War II. Initially, after February 24th, millions marched and world landmarks were lit with the yellow and blue colors of Ukraine. Today, even though Ukraine’s plight is much more dire than it was in the early days of the expanded invasion, marchers are hard to find, the lights have dimmed, and the extensive media coverage of Ukraine has given way to other news stories.

How You Can Help: Ukrainians need financial support to fund humanitarian aid, but they also need your moral support and encouragement that can be expressed via social media. Something as simple as displaying Ukrainian colors in your social media profile picture shows that you support Ukraine. You can support the humanitarian efforts of St. Mary’s by going to their website and making a donation.

For those at the in-person conference, during the luncheon presentation by the Cactus and Tryzub checks payable to “St. Mary’s Protectress” along with cash donations will be accepted. On Thursday, July 14th and Friday, July 15th, Cactus and Tryzub will have an expo booth. The booth will be staffed by Ukrainian volunteers and money will be raised for Razom, one of the leading providers of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.  Donations by cash, check, and credit card will be accepted. In addition, Ukrainian items such as t-shirts will be for sale with all net proceeds going to Razom.