ODW2216 – Securing Lenders and Investors in Real Estate Financings

Attendees will become familiar with real estate and security instruments such as notes, mortgages, and guaranties.

Course Category: On-Demand Webinars

Course Level: Basic

CLE Credit: Substantive

CLE Hours: 1.0

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Course Materials: Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides.

Commercial real estate projects often require large expenditures of funds through loans and investments from third parties.  Developers must provide collateral that adequately secures the interests of lenders and investors in order to induce them to advance capital for these developments.  This collateral can include real property such as land and buildings.  It can also include personal property such as the equipment and furnishings used in the project, bank accounts, and stocks.  Lenders and investors also protect themselves by requiring borrowers to satisfy stringent conditions before loan or investment funds will be disbursed to construct and operate the project.  In this webinar, we will discover how lenders and investors protect their interests in real estate financings through these methods.  We will also discuss the documentation used by the parties to secure and provide notice of those interests. 
 Attendees will become familiar with real estate and security instruments such as notes, mortgages, and guaranties.  They will develop an understanding of how such documentation secures the interests of lenders and investors in real estate developments.  Attendees will gain an appreciation of how these instruments also benefit borrowers by enabling such projects to be completed.

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