ODW20CREC – 2020 Conference Recording Bundle
On-Demand access of all of the conference recordings for 1 year.
ODW2006 – Building & Sustaining Dynamic Legal Teams for Success
This presentation explores different components of building and sustaining a dynamic legal team for success.
ODW2008 – Trial Prep Tools
This on-demand webinar provides essential tools to properly prepare for an upcoming trial.
ODW2011 – Bankruptcy Does Not End Litigation
This session discusses the types of claims that are not discharged or that may be alleged that can deter discharge of individual debts.
ODW20C11 – Corporate Culture and Whistleblower Protections
This on-demand webinar discusses the transformation of the Whistleblower Acts under Public Law and how past and present culture has created a new cause and effect in today’s society and corporate environment.
ODW20C23 – Do we Need the Second Amendment?
This 2nd Amendment on-demand webinar focuses on the purpose behind the 2nd Amendment while exploring and understanding what is meant by the “Right to Bear Arms.”
ODW20C24 – Drafting LLCs and Operating Agreements
This on-demand discusses how paralegals are tackling many aspects of the drafting process. It also recognizes the limitations and potential pitfalls.
ODW20C25 – Due Diligence for the Transactional Paralegal
This on-demand webinar covers the due diligence process conducted by paralegals for real estate, financing, merger & acquisition, and other types of transactions.
ODW20C26 – Hot Issues in Employment Law
Discussion of new and emerging issues in employment law, including COVID-19-related workplace issues, LGBTQ rights, and the #MeToo movement.
ODW20C28 – Immigration and Human Trafficking
This on-demand webinar provides attendees with an overview of specific areas of U.S. law and policy related to trafficking to help people recognize the extent of the problem and to identify ways to assist survivors.
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