Becoming a Live CLE Session Sponsor: Your Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Express Your Interest: To express interest in becoming a live CLE session sponsor and get your questions answered, email Bill Spilman.
  2. Complete the CLE Session Sponsor Form and Submit Payment: Complete this form and select advertising opportunity. An invoice will be generated and emailed upon approval, and a link to the invoice will be emailed for confirmation and to submit payment.
  3. Confirmation: You will receive two emails. 1) Confirmation from NALA that your payment has been received and 2) A welcome email with a current schedule of upcoming live CLE webinars for the year, with the option to request one seat for your company representative to attend the live CLE webinar your company sponsors. NALA adds live webinars throughout the year. You have 365 days to select the webinar(s) of your choice.
    Ensure payment and logo submission are received within 20 days before the live session for inclusion. Receipt beyond 20 days before the scheduled event may not allow NALA enough time to process your request.
  4. Logo Submission: Email your choice and provide your company logo for slide placement to The logo should be in PNG format, with dimensions of 800×400 pixels, and submitted as “CompanyLogo_SessionDate.png.” NALA will email you confirmation that the live CLE session(s) you have selected is still available.
  5. Sponsorship Disclaimer: NALA will include the following disclaimer during each sponsored live CLE session: Disclaimer: NALA does not endorse or verify the accuracy of the information provided by the sponsor. The inclusion of a sponsor’s logo and content is for promotional purposes only, and any legal or financial decisions made based on the information are the sole responsibility of the viewer. 

Secure your spot as a live CLE webinar sponsor, and elevate your brand to new heights. Contact us today to make your mark in the legal ecosystem.

Please note: We do not create content or graphics. You supply them. NALA will review all submitted graphics and content to ensure that the nature of the materials follows best practices in marketing and communications and aligns with NALA’s advertising code of ethics.