Bankruptcy Topics Rate Form

Instructions for Working Group members:

Please review each topic area that was suggested during the Working Group last week. For each topic, select ONE of the radio buttons next to the options for each topic. The options are:

  • Must know – This is a topic that MUST be included in an overview of the bankruptcy practice area. It is part of the fundamental areas that must be understood in bankruptcy.
  • Should know – This topic should be included, but is of less importance than the “Must know.”
  • Nice to know – This topic should be included if the “Must knows” and the “Should knows” have been covered and the chapter is not too long. These topics will not be covered in depth and will be at a higher level. These could also be covered through webinars, panels, articles, etc.
  • Specialized – This topic is specific to more specialized skills and knowledge within the bankruptcy practice area. These topics would not be included in the overview chapter but could be covered through webinars, panels, articles, etc.
  • Not important – This topic does not need to be covered. This could be because it is too minor, too universal, and/or likely covered through other areas.
  • Part of another topic – This option is for topics that are part of another topic area already identified, ex. debtor education could be considered part of the topic of credit counseling. Here we are trying to prevent overlap of topics and perhaps consolidate smaller topics into bigger ones. If you select this option, please enter the broader topic in the open text box field.

There is also an additional text box for notes you would like to make about the topic. This field is not required, but feel free to leave anything you find pertinent in this notes section.

Please note: Although it was brought up during the Working Group, UPL is not included in this list as it is covered in other sections of the exam.