August Volunteer Spotlight – Peonca S. Grier, CP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – August 2022
Peonca S. Grier, CP

Peonca S. Grier, CP, FRP, SHRM-CP, says her first NALA Conference was life-changing. “I loved the energy of the organization and its leaders, and I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to help shape the future of the organization.” She went on to serve as Affiliated Associations Secretary, Affiliated Associations Director, and Treasurer. She currently serves as NALA Secretary. Peonca also led the task force that wrote the bylaw to make the DEI Committee a permanent part of NALA.

Peonca has an associate degree in Paralegal Studies, a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, and a master’s degree in Human Resources. She became a Certified Paralegal in 2010 and was promoted to senior paralegal in 2015.

When asked about her favorite aspect of paralegal work, Peonca answered, “My favorite parts are working with my clients, investigating claims, and finding the golden key that helps to sway the case in our favor. I love being my attorney’s right hand and knowing my cases inside and out and being able to prepare him and clients for events.”

Her advice to other paralegals is to try and diversify their skills. “The more you learn, the more marketable you are and more of an asset you become to your employer. Once you are an expert in your field, learn something new and then become an expert in that. Never stop learning. Keep building on your skills because you never know what direction life will take you.”

Peonca lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband of nearly 21 years. “I am very close with my siblings, and I have about 15 nieces and nephews,” she said. “Family is everything to me and I spend a lot of time with them as much as possible. I vacation as often as possible and usually with my husband, friends who I have known since high school, or my family. I love to travel to the Caribbean.She also loves dogs but has not been able to bring herself to get a new one since her Cavachon passed away in 2015.

Peonca’s hobbies include reading, traveling, bowling, going to comedy shows, and just spending time with people who make her laugh. When it comes to movies, books, and music she said, “I love all things Marvel. I love a good legal thriller, and my favorite show is Law & Order SVU.

When asked who she would like to meet past or present, she answered “I would love to meet Michelle Obama. I think she is classy, smart, and down to earth and I would love to just have a conversation about life with her.”