April Volunteer Spotlight – Cassie Snyder, ACP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight – April 2023
Cassie Snyder, ACP

Cassie Snyder, ACP is a Florida Registered Paralegal (FRP) in Ocoee, Florida, with an Associate of Science in legal studies. She is currently serving as an At Large Director for NALA.

She is very active in the Central Florida Paralegal Association (CFPA) and has been a member for almost 30 years. She served as president numerous times. Currently, she is on the Membership Committee and is the Editor of CFPA’s monthly newsletter, the Carpe Diem. She was voted CFPA’s Paralegal of the Year in 2021.

Cassie wanted to do something different and expand her horizons, so she decided to volunteer with NALA.

“I definitely like the camaraderie and getting to meet paralegals from all over. I really enjoy getting to be around other paralegals and hearing different things that are being done in their states compared to ours. It has been a learning experience.”

Her favorite aspect of being a paralegal is trying to get a good end result for the client. She likes to investigate, too. She wants her fellow paralegals to understand the importance of community.

“Get involved with your local association and NALA. The networking has been a great asset for me in this career.”

When Cassie is done working, she goes home to her boyfriend of 23 years and her two dogs, Sammy and Cooper. She also has two adult children and a grandson. She currently has custody of her brother, who has Down syndrome.

In addition to spending time with her loved ones, Cassie has some fun hobbies.

“I like to craft. I like watching crime documentaries and The First 48.”

As a member of the legal profession, it comes as no surprise that Cassie would like to talk with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I would want to meet RBG because of everything she has done for the legal community and for women. To be able to sit down and pick her brain for a little while would be amazing.”