Disciplinary Policies and Procedures
21 Aug 2015

The Certified Paralegal credential may be suspended or revoked if it is found the Certified Paralegal has:

  • Falsified information on application form.
  • Been convicted of the unauthorized practice of law since receiving the Certified Paralegal credential.
  • Failed to meet continuing legal education requirements as required by the Certifying Board.
  • Divulged the contents of any examination question.
  • Been convicted of a felony since receiving the Certified Paralegal credential.
  • Violated the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
  • Violated the “Terms and Conditions of Testing,” or
  • engaged in any other conduct determinded by a majority vote of the Certifying Board to be unethical or unprofessional.

Filing a complaint.
If any person believes that a Certified Paralegal has been convicted of a felony or violated any of these standards, the individual should contact NALA in writing.  Such communication should be marked “Confidential.” The information provided should include documents which substantiate any claim of conviction or improper behavior.

For more information view Disciplinary Policies and Procedures.