ODW22CREC – 2022 Conference Recording Bundle

On-Demand access of all of the conference recordings for 1 year.

Course Category: On-Demand Webinars

CLE Hours: 40.5

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          2022 Conference Virtual Attendee Member rate $199; Non-Member rate $249
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Course Materials: Recordings and PDFs of the power point slides.

Description: This bundle includes the following on-demand webinars: 
ODW22C10 – Access to Justice – A Social Dilemma
ODW22C11 – Anatomy of an Appeal
ODW22C12 – Are You Guilty of UPL?
ODW22C13 – Art of Settlement:  Regulatory Compliance when Settling Catastrophic Claims
ODW22C14 – Corporate Paralegals in the Age of Contract AI
ODW22C15 – CP Review – Civil Litigation 
ODW22C16 – CP Review – Contract Law
ODW22C17 – CP Review – Corporate and Commercial
ODW22C18 – CP Review – Criminal Law and Procedure
ODW22C19 – CP Review – Critical Thinking (Skills)
ODW22C20 – CP Review – Estate Planning and Probate
ODW22C21 – CP Review – Legal Essay Writing
ODW22C22 – CP Review – Legal Ethics
ODW22C23 – CP Review – Real Estate and Property
ODW22C24 – CP Review – Torts
ODW22C25 – CP Review – United States Legal System
ODW22C26 – Drafting and Preparing Summary Judgment Motions
ODW22C27 – Everything You Wanted to Know About Motions in Limine 
ODW22C28 – Law Enforcement and Legal Staff 
ODW22C29 – Online Tools for OSINT Online Investigations
ODW22C30 – Police Shootings, Excessive Force, and the Constitution
ODW22C31 – Resolve Liens, Ensure Medicare Compliance, and Preserve Government Benefits
ODW22C32 – Section 1983: Suing to Protect Your Constitutional Rights
ODW22C33 – Social Media and Paralegals – Ethical Pitfalls
ODW22C34 – Social Security Administration Disability Claims – 5 Step Process
ODW22C35 – Social Security Disability Claims – Claims Process
ODW22C36 – Space Law 101
ODW22C37 – Steps to Becoming a Freelance Paralegal
ODW22C38 – The Clean Water Act and History of Waters of the US
ODW22C39 – The Deepwater Horizon Disaster and its Legal Legacy
ODW22C40 – The Intersection of the Law and Climate Change
ODW22C41 – The IP of This, That, and the Other
ODW22C42 – Tips and Tactics for Paralegals in Workers’ Compensation Claims
ODW22C43 – Trauma-Informed Legal Advocacy 
ODW22C44 – Using OSINT to Search Individuals and Businesses
ODW22C45 – Using Technology to Create Winning Legal Briefs


Yes, these courses qualify for mandatory continuing legal education for: National Association of Legal Assistants, State Bar of California, Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana State Paralegal Association.  For all others please check with the corresponding institutions.

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