ODW21CREC – 2021 Conference Recording Bundle

On-Demand access of all of the conference recordings for 1 year.

Course Category: On-Demand Webinars

CLE Hours: 39

Fees: 2021 Conference Registrant Member rate $199; Non-member rate $249 
          Non-Conference Attendee Member rate $575; Non-member rate $628

Course Materials: Recordings and PDFs of the power point slides.

Description: This bundle includes the following on-demand webinars:

A Look Inside Crime Scene Investigation
An Interactive Legal Writing Lab
Anatomy of a Complex Murder Case
Avoiding Unauthorized Practice of Law
CP Review – Civil Litigation
CP Review – Contracts
CP Review – Corporate & Commercial Law
CP Review – Skills Exam: Essay Writing
CP Review – Torts
CP Review – United States Legal System
CP Review – Criminal Law and Procedure
CP Review – Legal Ethics
CP Review – Real Estate Law
eDiscovery Workshop – Identify and Collect
Effective Allyship
How to Write Appellate Briefs
Insurance Law – Duties of the Insurer
Internet Law – Communications Decency Act
Internet Law – Enforcing Online Contracts
Justice and the Fifth Amendment
Legal Immigration Needs – What You Should Know
Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement
Responsive Pleadings – Best Practices
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Lasting Legacy
Spoliation of Social Media Evidence
The Art of the ‘Search’
The Eighth Amendment’s Criminal Protections
The Ins and Outs of Insurance Law
Thoroughly Understanding Privilege
Uncommon Easements
Understanding Police Investigations
Using Agile/Scrum for Case Planning


Yes, these courses qualify for mandatory continuing legal education for: National Association of Legal Assistants, State Bar of California, Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana State Paralegal Association.  For all others please check with the corresponding institutions.

After successfully completing this course a completion email will be sent stating that your certificate is now available. To view your certificate and transcript please visit nala.education. Click on the blue arrow in the top right and select transcript. From this menu, you can view or print certificates or your transcript.

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