SS18OL07 – Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is moving an organization forward toward a shared vision through agreed-upon goals and objectives.
SS18OL11 – Meetings
Whether running the meeting or simply participating in it, this program provides the knowledge and techniques for making the most of meetings.
SS18OL12 – Motivating Employees to be Their Best
This program is about providing the skills and techniques you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.
SS18OL18 – Supervisor Communication Skills
In this course, you will learn the importance of assertive speaking - asking directly for what you need from others without being aggressive.
SS18OL20 – Team Excellence
This course is a training resource that ensures teams achieve these outcomes. Participants learn to CARE by discovering techniques for effective Communication, maximizing individual Ability, producing Results, and fostering Esprit de corps.
SS18OL00 – Organizational Leadership Bundle
If you are a manager or are a part of a team, the Organizational Leadership Bundle is an essential course grouping that will prepare you for all aspects of working together in an organization.
SS18OL04 – Diversity Awareness
The goal of diversity awareness is to promote an inclusive work environment.
SS18OL13 – Navigating Difficult Conversations
Developing the ability to handle these challenges will pay off in terms of reduced stress, increased confidence, improved relationships, increased trust, fewer problems, better teamwork, higher productivity, and better career opportunities.
SS18OL17 – Social Media at Work
This program looks at the actions you should take—and those you should avoid—to use social media successfully in your workplace.
SS18OL21 – The Golden Rule
We all want to feel respected. A respectful work environment motivates us to do our best work, encourages us to support others, and not only produces positive results for the organization, but also allows its employees to have job satisfaction.
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