SS18PL09 – Business Etiquette
This course provides guidelines for common business etiquette, how to show respect for yourself and others, how to establish positive connections with anyone, and how to choose polite and positive responses to rude behavior.
SS18PL10 – Effective Listening Skills
Using a five-step process, individuals learn how to eliminate barriers to good listening, improve communication skills, maximize productivity, and build interpersonal relationships.
SS18PL11 – Critical Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Skills is a training solution that provides individuals with tips, techniques, and thought exercises that help to develop critical thinking skills.
SS18PL12 – The Art of Influencing Others
This highly interactive workshop lays the foundation for more effective communication, a necessary skill for having a powerful impact in any situation.
SS18PL13 – Resolving Workplace Conflict
Let's face it. Conflict isn't going to become obsolete anytime soon. But individuals can learn how to handle it maturely and collaboratively with insight, knowledge, and the proper skills.
SS18PL14 – The Art of Effective Communication
This course will provide methods for analyzing and improving your own communication and help you help others.
SS18PL15 – Time Management
In this program you will learn how to increase your personal effectiveness by using management techniques, learn ways to overcome procrastination and find out a variety of methods to living a balanced life.
SS18PL16 – Ethics in the Workplace (Not Legal Ethics)
In this course, you will assess your personal leadership style and learn to adapt your preferred style to each individual employee for multiple levels of communication, including motivation and feedback.
CP Practice Exam Preview
Sample of the test bank of questions with feedback on answers from the actual course.
SS18OL06 – Financial Intelligence
By learning how to read and interpret a few basic financial instruments, you can recognize opportunities to increase revenue and shave expenses, thus increasing your value to the organization.