CP Review – Real Estate Law

CLE Hours: 1.5

CLE Credit: Substantive

Course Level: Basic

This session will assist those preparing for the real estate portion of the Certified Paralegal Exam. The historical development of real estate law and its evolution to modern times will be introduced. Identifying the various types of estates and ownership rights will be examined in detail. This session will address contracts as they relate to real estate transactions, the components of a deed, as well as landlord and tenant rights. Easements and liens will be differentiated. Appraisal, title insurance, and escrow will be explained. Basic financing options will be reviewed. Session objectives for participants include the following: (1) Become familiar with the history of real estate law; (2) Recognize the difference between real and personal property; (3) Identify real estate interests and ownership – how to take title; (4) Distinguish elements of a deed; (5) Examine landlord versus tenant rights; (6) Differentiate encumbrances such as easements, encroachments, and liens; (7) Understand real estate contract fundamentals; and (8) Define key real estate processes such as appraisal and escrow.

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