Membership Group Rates - Active Membership

Membership Group Rates - Active Membership

As the nation’s largest paralegal association, NALA is dedicated to our mission of preparing paralegals for the challenges of the future through certification, professional development, and advocacy. We collaborate with legal firms, businesses, and corporations to enhance the skills, knowledge, and expertise of paralegals. 

We understand that as an employer of paralegals, having high-performing and talented employees is crucial to your success. The continuous professional development of your staff directly impacts your company’s ongoing achievements and your bottom line. When you provide NALA membership for your paralegals, you grant them access to a vast national and international network of fellow paralegals, professional development opportunities, continuing legal education (CLE), resources, and invaluable support. 

Our membership group rates enable companies to extend the full benefits of an Active type NALA membership* to all eligible paralegals within your organization, all at a single, discounted rate. We offer various options tailored to your organization’s size, ensuring you can select the best fit for your entire team. To qualify for this discounted group rate, a minimum of five members is required.  

For instructions on how to receive the membership group rate, click here.

When you are ready to seize this opportunity to provide your paralegal employees with top-tier paralegal support, click here to access the application.

*Please note that individuals benefiting from this group rate cannot be substituted by another individual during the membership year. 

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