Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

2024 Conference


Get ready for an enlightening journey into the future of the legal profession at the 2024 NALA Conference & Expo! Join us for the keynote session, “Embracing the Future: Human-Centric AI for the Modern Paralegal,” led by renowned speaker, Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA. In this exciting presentation, Iliana will delve into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal landscape, focusing on its human-centric applications for today’s paralegals.

Discover how AI is reshaping workflows, enhancing efficiency, and empowering legal practitioners to deliver unparalleled service. Do not miss this opportunity to explore the intersection of technology and humanity. This is a must-attend talk for paralegals eager to stay ahead of the curve, enhance their career prospects, and balance their professional and personal lives in the digital age.

Meet the Keynote Speaker: Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA

Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, is an accomplished corporate executive, innovation and emerging tech pioneer, start-up investor, respected board member, published author, and sought-after global public speaker. With a clear vision and unwavering determination, she is a thought leader on a mission to build a future humans want to live in.

Iliana is currently the Managing Director and Innovation Lead at Accenture Canada, working with senior executives and boards to support their strategic transformation journeys. She leads multidisciplinary teams across design, data, and technology, focusing on emergent areas such as metaverse/blockchain/web3, sustainability, AI, and cross-industry initiatives.

Iliana is widely recognized for her trailblazing contributions to the blockchain industry, having advised corporations, government leaders, regulators, and start-ups as a translator between the web2 and web3 worlds.

Her expertise and perspective have expanded, now encompassing overall technological and societal trends, particularly emphasizing the future of work, life, and human-centered approaches.

As a published author and frequent speaker at global conferences, Iliana has been featured in various media outlets, including CNBC, CBC, and NPR. Additionally, she is an active Board member at Sunnybrook Hospital, CPA Ontario, and the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC). She mentors start-ups through incubators such as the Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto.

Embracing the Future: Human-Centric AI for the Modern Paralegal

In a world where the pace of technological change can be dizzying, it is crucial to find clarity and purpose in how we harness these advancements for our benefit. Join Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, a renowned speaker on AI and innovation, as she demystifies the complexities of artificial intelligence and tech trends, focusing on creating a future we all want to live in. This session is designed specifically for paralegals who are at the forefront of the legal profession’s transformation, offering insights into how AI can enhance not just the work you do but also how you live your life.

Iliana will guide you through the practical applications of AI that are revolutionizing the legal field, from automating mundane tasks to creating new avenues for client support and knowledge management. Discover how to break down your role into specific tasks and identify where AI can bring about the most significant impact, making your work more efficient and fulfilling. But it is not all about work. Iliana will share her personal journey with AI, including the creation of her digital twin, “Laila,” to show how technology can enrich our personal lives in creative and unexpected ways.