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SS18OL01 – Critical Thinking – Applied
Critical thinking helps you to make better decisions by engaging in logical reasoning, avoiding mistakes due to bias or inaccurate assumptions, and systematically working through options to identify the most relevant and reasonable solution.
SS18OL08 – Ideas Into Action
Innovation doesn’t have to be complex or difficult, and it’s not just for technical problems. Innovation can happen everywhere in an organization. This course will take your team's ideas into action.
SS18OL05 – Ethics in the Workplace for Organizations (Not Legal Ethics)
This program explores how workplace ethics should be developed, to create the standards and policies that support them, employees can be trained and managed to follow and support these standards, and to deal with problems where ethics are concerned.
SS18OL19 – Talk Like a Leader
Talk Like a Leader is the learning experience that empowers leaders with the skills and confidence to encourage enthusiasm, increase productivity, minimize miscommunication, and improve working relationships.
SS18OL10 – Learning to Manage
Learning to Manage is designed to help minimize the stress and walk you through the process of management by targeting five specific areas.
SS18OL16 – Skillful Collaboration
Skillful Collaboration focuses on how to structure an effective framework that enables individuals to develop harmonious and productive working relationships.
SS18OL03 – Developing Positive Relationships at Work
This session is the positive learning experience your organization needs to ensure that individuals unite around a common mission, value diversity, rise above personal slights, take responsibility, and cultivate an environment based on trust.
SS18OL09 – Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
This program will look at how developing your awareness of your emotions will enable you to be more productive and relate better to others on the job.
SS18OL00 – Organizational Leadership Bundle
If you are a manager or are a part of a team, the Organizational Leadership Bundle is an essential course grouping that will prepare you for all aspects of working together in an organization.
SS18OL04 – Diversity Awareness
The goal of diversity awareness is to promote an inclusive work environment.