2024 NALA Charity - For Hank’s Sake

2024 NALA Charity - For Hank’s Sake

Meet Hank the Horse

Introducing the 2024 NALA Charity of the Year: For Hank's Sake

Introducing our 2024 nonprofit charity, For Hank’s Sake, where rescued horses become champions for change and literacy. Beyond rescuing neglected horses, this sanctuary offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs that transform them into partners in changing lives.

Hank the Horse, a symbol of resilience, leads the mission to inspire young minds through literacy. The programs extend to schools, libraries, and community services, instilling confidence and empowering children. Drawing from the success of historical partnerships, Hank accelerates efforts to increase literacy rates across Kentucky and beyond.

As one of Hank’s Heroes, your donation supports horse rehabilitation and literacy programs benefiting children and the community to ensure everyone benefits from the unique bond between rescued horses and the human spirit. Click here to visit For Hank’s Sake.

Follow Hank on his captivating journey visiting NALA members from coast to coast, and making his way to the NALA Conference & Expo in Louisville, Kentucky (#NALACON24, #HankTheHorse). Be part of this adventure as Hank shares tales of hope and inspiration during his in-person appearance. Let us unite to change the world for rescued horses, children, and communities, proving that with heroes like Hank, every story has the power to make a lasting impact.

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