Legal Ethics
In this course, you’ll learn all the essential concepts of e-discovery and the obligations imposed on litigants to preserve, collect, review, and produce ESI in the discovery process.
ODW2010 – Everyday Ethics for Paralegals
In real life, paralegals use ethics rules to guide them in everyday interactions with attorneys, opposing counsel, the court, and the public.
ODW20C31 – Jurisprudence and how Judges Rule on Cases
This on-demand webinar focuses on how courts sometimes use ethics in their rulings more than following the rule of law.
ODW2022 – Social Media Ethics
Overview of growing societal trends of social media, along with a discussion of private versus public information, and how social media blurs the lines. Discover ways to capture web evidence correctly, the importance of defensibility.
ODW2028 – Your Duty to be Technologically Competent
Explore the ethical obligations and pitfalls that surround the ABA’s Model Rule for Professional Conduct 1.1 with particular attention to comment 8. Here is a deep dive into how and why that comment should be giving you cause for concern.
ODW2120 – Working From Home – Confidentiality Best Practices
Without proper preparation, legal professionals of any level can be at fault for mishandling confidential information. This course dives into the importance of professionalism when working remotely with confidential information.
ODW2122 – Ethically Investigate Insider Threats, Social Media, and Privacy
Explore the ethical concerns that organizations will potentially need to address regarding an employee's privacy when dealing with insider threat and social media monitoring.
ODWA21C13 – Avoiding Unauthorized Practice of Law
In this on-demand webinar we discuss common UPL situations that legal professionals encounter and how they can avoid crossing the UPL line in their day-to-day work.
ODW22C12 – Are you guilty of UPL?
This on-demand webinar will help you to understand the dangers of unauthorized practice of law (UPL), determine if it is being done, and how to avoid it.
ODW22C10 – Access to Justice – A Social Dilemma
Access to justice is not a niche problem; it’s a very broad social problem. This on-demand webinar will introduce paralegals to the fact that only half of civil legal problems are able to access legal aid and why.
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