Civil Litigation – A Step by Step Look at the Process
Civil litigation is a term used to describe the legal process applied to non-criminal matters. This on-demand webinar will discuss in depth each step in the process of a civil lawsuit.
CP Practice Exam
Test bank of questions for the CP Exam with feedback on answers.
ODW17C12 – An Introduction to Estate Planning
Bottom line, estate planning is relevant for everyone no matter what you have or who your family members are.
So the Plaintiff’s on Medicare
This course is designed to bring order to the Medicare chaos. You will be taken through each point when Medicare becomes relevant in the claims resolution process, and be given strategies to keep Medicare from impeding an efficient resolution.
Criminal Litigation
The Criminal Litigation course explores the intricacies of criminal law and procedure. Issues addressed in the course range from search and arrest, through the criminal process, to appeal.
Trial Practice
This course provides a broad picture of how a case proceeds through the courts, from trial court to appellate courts to the Supreme Court.
Discovery is the investigative stage of a case that is conducted prior to the trial. It provides parties with opportunities to verify their understanding of the facts of the case.
Family Law – Adoption and Assisted Reproduction
In this course you will perform legal research and apply it to fact patterns, thereby gaining a richer, broader understanding of the intricacies of adoption and assisted reproduction law.
Family Law – Dissolution Case Management
This course concentrates on practice and procedure in the area of marriage dissolution case management.
Business Organizations: Incorporated Entities
This course covers both general concepts and specific techniques used in corporate law, from incorporation to merger or dissolution.