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NALA is thrilled to announce our partnership with SimpleLaw.

“Through this partnership with NALA, SimpleLaw is expanding the capabilities of its platform’s innovative Paralegal Support Service. We connect hardworking attorneys with talented, versatile, much-needed paralegals that have the expertise and experience attorneys need.”
Praveen Medikundam, Esq., co-founder of SimpleLaw and an active attorney.

About SimpleLaw
SimpleLaw is a legal case and practice management software provider founded by attorneys. Committed to helping lawyers and clients efficiently resolve their legal matters by harnessing the power of technology to transform the delivery of legal services. This online platform is making it even easier for attorneys to connect with exceptional paralegal professionals.

Benefits for NALA Members
Through our exclusive partnership with the cloud-based case and practice management platform, SimpleLaw, NALA Active type members can grow their contract income opportunities. SimpleLaw uniquely connects attorneys with on-demand paralegal support right through the platform. NALA Active type members can add their paralegal profile on the SimpleLaw platform to fulfill these requests. There is no fee to include your profile. And there is no fee if you gain a new contract.

NALA member paralegals have exclusive priority with attorneys who request support through the SimpleLaw platform. Attorneys can search for paralegals based on the area of legal expertise and geography. Qualifying NALA Active type members will be shown at the top of the search list. 

Getting Started
It all starts with adding your Paralegal profile to the SimpleLaw platform.

To create your Paralegal Profile on SimpleLaw, simply click the Access SimpleLaw link below and fill out the form.

Attorney Requests
Attorneys can search for a paralegal directly through the SimpleLaw portal. They can search by geographic area, type of law, and paralegal name. Be sure to include the areas of law where you have experience and expertise.

From there, they will note a due date, a description of the work, and the fee they are offering. Requested paralegals will receive an email from SimpleLaw alerting them that they have been requested. Therefore, keep an eye on the email used to create your profile on SimpleLaw.

Accepting Work 
Review the request from the attorney. If you have the appropriate skill set, can accommodate the due date, and are willing to accept the payment offered, simply click on the ‘Accept’ button. You will be connected to the hiring attorney through the platform.

SimpleLaw offers an online Messaging feature, similar to text. Have a question or comment for the attorney? Simply log in to SimpleLaw and go to the ‘Messages’ tab. Voila! Send your message directly to the attorney.

Completion and Payment 
Once the project is complete, just let the attorney know. If the outcome of the project is a document, you will upload the requested document(s) directly to the attorneys’ connected cloud-based storage solution, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

How you proceed from there is up to you! The attorney can process payment through the SimpleLaw platform using PayPal or you can set up your own specific payment method, as agreed to with the attorney.

Recently announced other enhancements to the SimpleLaw platform include:

  • Automated Time Tracking
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Task Management

To see how SimpleLaw delivers greater efficiency to cases and a practice, visit their website. To see the platform or review enhancements, contact us at Also, make sure to check out their blog at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.