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Facts & Findings

NALA’s award-winning quarterly journal, Facts & Findings, is a premier source of information designed specifically for paralegals. This magazine offers the best educational articles written by paralegals, attorneys, and other experts. In addition to feature articles, each issue includes columns on ethics, technology, and software.

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Editorial & Article Submissions

If you would like to submit an article for consideration by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board, please email the following items to editor@nala.org:

  • Article
  • Current contact information
  • Short author bio (100 words max)
  • High-resolution professional headshot
Article Submission

We can’t wait to see what information you want to share! Before submitting, please take a moment to review the Editorial Guidelines. All articles are reviewed by the board before a publication decision is made. Publishing and editorial decisions are based on the editors’ judgment of the writing, timeliness of the article, and the interest of the readers.

Editorial Board Structure

NALA members, who are volunteer paralegals, serve on the Editorial Board for this magazine to ensure its timeliness and relevance of articles to working paralegals. Members of the Editorial Board are also members of the NALA Continuing Education Council. The Chair of the Continuing Education Council also serves as the editor of Facts & Findings.

Earning CLE for Published Articles

Certified Paralegals can earn CLE credit if they submit an article for Facts & Findings and it has been approved for publishing. Hours may be awarded for publishing an article of at least 1,000 words in a legal periodical or book on a subject of substantive law or procedure related to the work of paralegals. CLE Hours Calculation: Certified Paralegals will be awarded three CLE hours for an individually-authored article of at least 1,000 words published in a legal publication in accordance with NALA Facts & Findings Editorial Guidelines (2014) or similar published guidelines. Hours for articles with more than one author will be awarded pro-rata based upon the number of authors and words.

CLE will only be granted once the article has been approved by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board. For more information on earning CLE credit click here.

From the Editorial Board

A Note about Articles Submitted by Vendors:
Facts & Findings welcomes educational articles by all vendors. All articles are reviewed and selected for publication by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board. The Board selects articles on the basis of timeliness, appeal to paralegals, and demonstration of how the product or service provides solutions to problems encountered by paralegals such as last-minute filings or failure of equipment. The article should also discuss how the use of a product or service increases the value of paralegal services to firms or employers. If an article is selected for publication, the Editorial Board will schedule the issue in which the article will appear. Scheduling includes the article’s fit with other articles in a particular issue. The Editorial Board will also communicate with authors about any revisions needed to conform to Facts & Findings style and space considerations.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board, send the article and an author bio to editor@nala.org.

Available Online Facts & Findings Articles

  The role of the paralegal naturally encompasses basic project management principles. For example, litigation paralegals situated in a solo practice or small law firm may act in the capacity of the case management lead, overseeing a case from pre-litigation through post-judgment and enforcement. In a larger law firm, a paralegal manager or supervisor may […]

Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional, embracing a growth mindset can be the fuel for a stellar career journey. As paralegals, we work in an environment that demands Flexibility, Adaptability, and Resilience (FAR): ▶ Flexibility: the ability to easily modify in response to altered circumstances or conditions. […]

Disclaimer: The Securities and Exchange Commission disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement of any SEC employee or Commissioner. This article expresses the author’s views and does not necessarily reflect those of the Commission, the Commissioners, or other members of the staff. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenges in the legal profession when […]

The term paralegal must not be used as a pejorative. When the likes of infamous media personality, Keith Olbermann, publicly refers to a female U.S. Supreme Court Justice as the “paralegal,” we have a problem. Our entire industry has a problem, especially with inclusion. These types of comments further perpetuate a “second-class citizenry” or “caste” […]

The interview process is an area we can all relate to when deciding to change employers or career fields. As a manager, I have had the privilege of sitting in and conducting numerous interviews for open paralegal positions on my team. The landscape of interviews has drastically changed, as most are virtual or utilize the […]

If you missed Part I of “Setting up for Success” in the last issue of Facts & Findings, I discussed how to hone your writing skills and attention to detail. I also touched on the gravity of ethics in the legal profession and how to flex your ethics muscles in relation to your education. Read […]