Trial Practice

Trial Practice

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Understanding of general litigation knowledge, discovery and evidence.
$250 for Members and $300 for Nonmembers
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Self-study courses typically come with a PDF of the complete textbook, a PDF of the textbook by chapter and a glossary of terms. Once you’ve finished studying, you’ll take the corresponding exams to earn CLE.

This course provides a broad picture of how a case proceeds through the courts, from trial court to appellate courts to the Supreme Court. The course reviews:

  • How local rules, state rules, and federal rules work together
  • What goes on in a courtroom, from the paralegal's point of view and from the viewpoint of the courts, judges, lawyers, and juries
  • The technology hardware and software used in producing a trial
  • Legal thinking, research, and writing, using formats and styles from across the country

Upon completion of the course, paralegals will have knowledge of:

  • Document Management – Drafting indexes, document filing options
  • Scheduling
  • Deposition summaries – types and working with summaries
  • Electronic trial presentation
  • Calendaring software
  • Preparing motions, jury instructions
  • Preparing trial notebook
  • Drafting motions, bill of costs
  • Judgments
  • Calculating appeal dates
  • Briefs – identifying required information
  • Planning research
  • Locating pending rule changes
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