Testing Centers-Overview/Policies
21 Aug 2015

The Certified Paralegal examination is computer-based. Examinees may take the examination at testing centers offered through the PSI testing center network, through schools or local centers off the PSI network, or examinees may make arrangements for the examination to be offered at their place of employment. Examinees will incur additional testing center fees through the PSI centers, and some of those off the PSI network.

PSI Testing Center Network
Most examinees in the Certified Paralegal program will be utilizing the PSI Premier PLUS Test Centers.  There are over 250 PSI testing centers throughout the United States.  After examinees are admitted to the Certified Paralegal program, they will work directly with PSI to confirm testing appointments. The website, has a list of testing centers. Be sure to choose National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) as the Sponsor name from the drop down menu of certification programs  for an accurate list of testing centers.

Examinees Participating in non-PSI Testing Centers
NALA has established procedures which allow an employer or school to apply to become a NALA approved testing center. This is designed for groups of employees, or paralegal students. A packet of forms and requirements to become an authorized testing center for the Certified Paralegal examination may be obtained by clicking here.

Overview of Testing Center Options
If you have the option of selecting between PSI and Non-PSI centers, the following chart outlines the different procedures.

If you are taking the exam at
a PSI center:
If you are taking the exam at
a non-PSI center:
  • All centers through the PSI testing center network are available for the Certified Paralegal examination, subject to the center’s hours of operation.
  • The center must be approved by NALA in advance of the testing window. An examinee’s employer may qualify or most community colleges.
  • All NALA examinees will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to make an appointment through PSI.
  • Do not contact PSI until you have received your Authorization to Test or confirmation from PSI that they are ready to schedule your appointments.
  • Do not create an account through the PSI website.  In order to schedule your appointments, you are required to use the login and PIN provided in your Authorization to Test and confirmation e-mails from PSI.  Assignments will only be available to schedule using the ID and PIN provided to you by NALA.
  • If you receive a communication from PSI, disregard the PSI communication and its instructions.
  • Be sure to review the rules posted on the PSI web site when making your appointment.
  • You must arrange your own testing schedule through the school or your employer. Be sure you know the time you will need for each exam section.
  • PSI will charge an appointment fee payable by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) when the appointment is made.
  • Fees vary by testing center. Some schools and employers do not charge. Inquire about this in advance from the testing center.
  • PSI advises NALA of appointments that are made and confirmed.
  • Examinees must advise NALA of appointment times and dates.
  • PSI has strict rules regarding cancellation or rescheduling. Changes or cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to the appointment time will result in a forfeiture of payment.
  • Testing center rules regarding fees vary by center. Consult the testing center for these details. Generally, if centers have charges for the proctors and testing facility, payment will be made upon entering the center as part of the check-in process.
  • Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance of the appointment time are eligible for refund. Appointments are cancelled or rescheduled on-line using the same link used to schedule appointments.  Contact NALA Headquarters for questions regarding refunds.
  • Information for schools and employers about qualifying as a testing center may be found on the NALA web site under “Certification.”